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Aluminium tread plate, sometimes called aluminium floor plate or aluminium cheker plate. Aluminum Tread plates are designed for heavy duty usage. Most often installed on truck steps, in truck beds, as an exterior for a work box, they provide a dent and scratch resistant surface that handles major wear. They protect the underlying metal frames from damage by hammers, sholves and iron spikes (along with countless other heavy objects) that are typically dropped onto these surfaces.

The texture of aluminium tread plates prevent skidding and other slippery accidents. The main advantageous features such as : wear resistant, lightweight, decorative, easy for cleaning, machine washable, weldable, insensitive to atmosphere influences , seawater and numerous chemicals.

With its product benefits, aluminium trade plates are suitable for many kinds of applications such as :

Construction and Chemical Engineering platforms, steps, foot bridges, working platforms
Architecture decorate facing, scaffoldings, swimming pools, bridges
Vehicle Construction bottom and side plates, loading bridges, corridor sheets for train passenger, steps and conveying equipment
Metal Construction industry ladders, crane construction, pit covers, planks, transport cars
Food Processing Industry containers, wall facing, floorings, food bridges in refrigerating rooms and other production fields in dairies, breweries and abattoirs
Aviation Industry gang ways, passenger bridges
Marine floors, footsteps

Alloys AA1050, AA1100, AA3003, AA3105, AA5052, AA6061, AA7020
Tempers H0, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32
Soft, intermediate or hard tempers are available upon request.
Thickness 1.50mm , 2.00mm , 2.50mm , 3.00mm
Width 1220mm
Length 2440mm (standard) & required randomlength
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